Falmouth Unity


Help Falmouth University rebuild the sense of community that was lost due to the Coronavirus pandemic.


A web based networking service that helps connect Falmouth University students to help create a strong community again. This service allows all people who are currently studying or have studied at Falmouth University to connect and chat. The service is designed to form connections and strengthen the Falmouth University community which already exists.


Some of the letters of ‘university’ would drop off and the remaining ones would move in closer to spell out ‘Falmouth Unity’. The lights in each house starting from the left would then turn on as a progress loading bar.


When first registering with the networking service you would be led to your street by answering a range of questions. You would then select your answers to each question by clicking on the appropriate street sign, thus leading you to your street.


One of the final steps in building your profile is designing your house. Your house is your profile that will be visible to your contacts. You can either design it to represent your personality or even base it on your own Falmouth digs.


This would be your home page. Here you can access your messages and notifications, edit your profile and see your contacts.


You would know when you have received any new messages or notifications if there are letters poking out of the letter box. To access or send messages you would click on the mailbox. 


Your contacts are people who you have been paired with because you are both looking to connect in the same way. Your contacts would be displayed in the form of a street which you would access by clicking on the ‘YOUR STREET’ sign next to your profile. If a house had its lights on it means they are currently offering a chance to connect and if they are off it means they had a chance to collaborate in the past.


In order to filter through your contacts you would click on the ‘STREETS’ sign on the bottom left of the contacts page. This would then lead you to a map where you could then select the street of the area you would like to filter your contacts to, e.g. if you wanted to see only people who were looking to be a mentor you would go to ‘Mentor Road’.


If you were interested in seeing the opportunity one of your contacts is offering you can click on their house. The front of the house would then peel away to reveal their profile. From here you have the option to either look at the chance they are offering, to connect, look at their work, send them a message or even send them an invite to ‘Come for a cuppa’, which would invite them to have a 15 minute chat over the phone or video call.


This platform could also be applied to other universities to help their communities grow. Here I have mocked up an example of what Bath and Edinburgh’s version of Unity could look like. I based the house designs on buildings from that area which I found online and added other details that apply to the area, such as the hot air balloon in the Bath version.


I decided to put together a Falmouth Unity fresher’s pack which would be sent to all freshers at Falmouth University. This pack would be a house-shaped box which would include: a leaflet explaining what Falmouth Unity is, a calendar of their monthly events, an invite to their first event, art supplies.


As an incentive for people to continue using Falmouth Unity after having made connections, they would host a range of monthly events, which all have titles referencing homes. For example the first three months’ include:  

Tea party – A 15 minute call with creatives, bring a cuppa and get to know your community.

Through the keyhole – A creative will be chosen to be featured each week that month. 

Open house – A guest industry speaker each week that month.


An invite to the first event of the academic year would also be included in the pack. The invite is designed so that when you pull it out of its sleeve it creates the appearance that the lights in the house are turning on.


Also included in the pack would be a leaflet explaining why you should join Falmouth Unity. This leaflet would also be displayed around the university as I designed it in a concertina style so that it could be lined up round the campus to create an even longer street to attract the attention of the students.


Falmouth Unity’s social media would echo the design of the web version of the service. The Instagram post below carries on this brand language as when you scroll through the post you are actually are scrolling through a street and inside each house is a preview of a person’s work. Therefore, if you liked someone’s work you could then click on the link to their Falmouth Unity profile. The highlights are also images of doors to carry on the brand language.


Falmouth Unity could also have pin badges which people that are part of the community could collect. The badges could be in the shape of all different houses.


Although Falmouth Unity was designed as a solution to a problem caused by the pandemic, I think it is still as viable once the pandemic is over. Therefore, Falmouth Unity could have exhibitions in the streets of Falmouth once the pandemic is over.

The presentation boards would be shaped like houses and could be in all different colours to echo the design of the app. There could also be house-shaped bunting hung up in the streets to likewise reference the design of the app.