Grey Poupon brand refresh


Reintroduce Grey Poupon to millennials in the US through a brand refresh that articulates its enduring luxury in the present day, through its French and vintage roots. 

This isn’t a full rebrand. They don’t want to see a redesign of the brand’s logo or their iconic bottle shape. Create a refreshed brand identity that feels familiar to this audience and not only increases brand awareness, but also pushes them to choose Grey Poupon at the point of purchase.


Grey Poupon would have their own character with his own story line linking to Grey Poupon. This character would be based on French stereotypes to reference the brands french heritage. 

The brand wanted to hold onto their familiarity in order not to loose their current customer base. We therefore chose not to take anything away from the current branding and instead simply add a new element. 

The fun and interactive nature of our rebrand injects some youth into Grey Poupon’s branding, in order to capture the attention of younger potential customers.

This was a collaborative project I worked on with my course mate Henry Carrow for the D&AD New Blood.

We came up with the strap-line ‘Too Good To Share’ which applies to both the French characters and customer alike. The idea that Grey Poupon is ‘too good to share’ references the fact the French don’t want to share it with the Americans, as well as, the fact that it is so delicious the customers won’t want to share it either.


We designed four posters which could be used both in print and digital. by Freepik


The characters would be hidden around the store in a variety of ways. This creates a playful element to the branding which would be intriguing and memorable to customers as they would try and spot them around the store. 


By sticking our character stickers to moving objects found in stores, like sliding doors, escalators and checkout conveyor belts, the French characters could be brought to life. Showing them sneaking around the store trying to get to the jars of Grey Poupon. 


To keep the familiarity of the brand we decided to keep the jars label the same and simply add our French character, placed as if he is stealing the ‘P’ from the logo. This allowed us to keep the brand’s familiarity whilst injecting some fun into the brand. The character on the jars would be a sticker that could be peeled off offering the costumers a way to interact with the brand.


A food taster stand could be set up in supermarkets inspired by a ‘police’ investigation. An actor, playing a police officer, would be handing out Grey Poupon tasters asking if anyone has tasted this mustard anywhere as jars have gone missing. 

In order to introduce the characters the police man would also be handing out wanted posters with the characters’ head shot. On the back of the wanted poster would be a challenge for customers to find all the characters hidden in the store. To enter a prize draw the customers would need to post pictures of all 10 characters on Instagram tagging Grey Poupon.


These leaflets would be at the end of checkouts for customers to take. On the back would be four stickers of the characters in different poses for customers to get involved and share where they have stuck them by posting a photo on Instagram and tagging Grey Poupon.


I animated the posters to use on Grey Poupon’s social media and electric billboards.


We also suggested Grey Poupon could have filters on social media to bring their character to life in their customers’ homes.