Create a brand story, identity and world activation example for an area of interest you have discovered during lockdown.


During lockdown my family and I went on many walks along the South West Coast Path. We found that although the market is crowded with sweet energy bars, there is a very limited and meagre amount of savoury bars available. The most common form of savoury energy bars available were dried meats which seems to oppose the fact that many of the sweet bars are vegan. We, therefore, decided to make our own to eat along our journey. I have chosen to brand these savoury energy bars for hikers. 


The branding is inspired by the nature hikers explore. I created the leaf patterns by collecting a range of leaves and then printing with them using a relief printing technique and lino printing ink.


My brand, Lembas, has environmental values at its core. I therefore created the brand motto, “Putting humans and nature on the same team”, as well as a short paragraph explaining this further and which can be summed up in 3 key values. I wanted these values to carry throughout the brand so suggested the packaging would be fully compostable.


The leaf pattern is designed so that when the box is put together the leaves all overlap round the pack as if they are wrapped around it. The front of each pack has its own different leaf design and colour palette. The colour palette used not only references the season but also the flavour of the bar.


The bottom of each pack has all the nutritional information as well as the symbol informing the customer that the packaging is compostable. It also has an easy tear opening in the form of a path, with a map position icon to show where you would begin to tear.


Printed on the inside of the multi-pack would be a list of the 10 best hiking trails in the UK with tick boxes on the side so the customer can tick them off as they complete them.


There are 8 bars in each multi pack, all of which are the same flavour and have the same base colour of the pack. However, there are 4 different designs in the pack based on the different leaves on the multi-pack.

The bar is designed to look like a mountain from the front. However, when the customer looks to the other sides, they would soon realise that it is actually a print of a leaf on the bar, due to its seamless leaf pattern. This leaf print looks like the leaf is actually wrapped round the bar.


The bar is designed to look like a mountain from the front. However, when the customer looks to the other sides, they would soon realise that it is actually a print of a leaf on the bar, due to its seamless leaf pattern. This leaf print looks like the leaf is actually wrapped round the bar.


The bars, like the multi-packs, have an easy open tear on the side in the shape of a path, for easy snacking on the go. When torn, a fact about nature is revealed, (e.g. Trees have their own special ‘internet’), and which invites the consumer to look inside the pack to find out more. This is to reinforce the brand’s core values and encourage the customer to appreciate and take an interest in nature.


The triangular shape of the boxes allows them to be stacked into a mountain when displayed on a shelf in the supermarket, attracting shoppers’ attention. I added the logo to just one end of the boxes so that the packs could alternate thus allowing the logo to always remain upright.


Lembas could have its own merchandise which would be all hiking and camping related products to target its audience. The merchandise could come in a range of colour-ways based on the different flavours.


As well as the bold logo, Lembas’ posters use dramatic and beautiful pictures of nature to catch the viewer’s attention. The logo is incorporated into the natural surroundings to reference Lembas’ core value of “putting humans and nature on the same team”. The combination of the slick and man-made looking logo and natural landscapes are a visual representation of this motto. 


Lembas could sponsor TrekFest, a walking event that takes place annually in Wales, where people raise money for charities. Many other cereal bars on the market support a charity so I thought supporting a charitable hiking event would be a good route for Lembas. At the event Lembas could give out their bars as well as sell their merchandise as the people there would be their target audience.


Lembas could have solar panelled vending machines which would be placed along hiking trails, in areas you would not expect them, e.g. Mount Everest camp or in woods.


The same visual language can be applied to the Lembas team’s clothing and equipment.


Lembas’ social media would be bright and dynamic with a combination of the colourful and bold leaf prints of the flavours and images of the logo incorporated into natural surroundings


I created this ad to promote Lembas on social media using all my own photos and footage. I used stop frame footage to hold onto the handmade feel as well as using the handwritten typeface which goes behind the footage occasionally. I conveyed the energy of the brand through a dynamic soundtrack and dancing ingredients. 


I created a film illustrating the brand’s core values to go on their website. This video depicts the beauty of nature and how humans interact with it whilst hiking. I used found footage for this video and added a spoken word poem I felt conveyed these values. I finished the video with a shot of two hikers looking out over to the mountains where the logo is integrated between the clouds like in the posters, once again referencing the brand motto.