Seen but Not Heard

This was a project where we were asked to incorporate various forms of branding. I created a platform for teen voice where they could share their views on topics that affect them and others their age that they feel they don’t get a say on.

The campaign name was inspired by the old saying that children should be ‘Seen but Not Heard’. To this, I added the strapline, ‘View from a new perspective’. This strapline, in turn, served as the inspiration for the logo, which is based on a boot print. To create the logo, I painted the bottoms of various shoes and used them to block print. I chose the boot print as it conveyed power. To support this stamp style, I added a textured type and enclosed it with a circle. 

Continuing the theme of seeing from a new perspective, I carried out a photoshoot using wide angled lenses to create the images for my posters. By shooting the models from below, adults get a new perspective than their usual one of looking down to them. By getting the models to position their foot over the lens, they look powerful and also echo the logo.

The concept behind the Instagram page is that teens can send their thoughts and views in the form of a paragraph by direct message to the Instagram account. After having read their views, if all is acceptable, they will be contacted to organise a photoshoot.