The Haven

A branding project for a small charity raising awareness of the problems faced by refugees and immigrants who arrive in the UK with limited English language skills.

During my research into this topic, I came to realise that many of the problems immigrants face are caused or intensified by feelings of loneliness and isolation. A coffee morning bringing together refugees and the community seemed like a positive way to combat this issue. 

I created The Haven whose aim is to raise awareness and help resolve the issues faced by refugees and immigrants when first coming to live in the UK. Loneliness is one of the biggest problems encountered by refugees and immigrants, and combatting these feelings of isolation could, in turn, solve many of the other difficulties that confront them. 1 in 3 people in the UK would consider themselves lonely, so The Haven aims not only to benefit immigrants but anyone who can relate to feeling this way. The remaining two thirds of the population (who are not lonely) are also welcome – after all you can never have too many friends!

The charity helps combat loneliness through building happy, caring communities. The Haven’s coffee mornings bring together refugees, immigrants and local people for a chat and a laugh over a cuppa. There would be coffee organised by The Haven at certain venues, but they would also offer packs for members of the public to organise their own events.

The name and branding are designed to convey a feeling of warmth, community and safety. The hand cut paper design and attention to small details (such as the conversation starters on the bottom of the coasters and name tags on the cups) display that the brand cares about its audience. 

Front View iMac Pro Mockup by Anthony Boyd Graphics