School Legal Support

SLS (School’s Legal Support) is a practice run by John Walker. He and his team provide support, advice and training for support staff, teachers, school governors and trustees. John was unsure on what he wanted his branding to look like but wanted it to look professional although not “boring”.

He also wanted me to create an animation for people to watch when accessing his website, to help navigate the website as it can be rather overwhelming and confusing. The animation needed to be “friendly and simple” and he wanted it to have a playful quality.

Neighbours for Newcomers

Neighbours for Newcomers (N4N), by Reset UK, is a new pilot programme enabling community-led welcome of displaced talent candidates arriving into work in the UK. 

Their past logo had been quickly pieced together and they wanted a new identity that was stronger, more reliable and that would stand the test of time. They wanted to keep the colour of green but wanted to loose the aeroplane.

They wanted the brand to reflect a global ambition with local expertise delivered through local volunteers as N4N would work alongside the international recruitment of refugees with teams from all sectors, not just healthcare. 

I designed a word mark and a shorthand version that referenced their abbreviated name – N4N.

Mockup by Anthony Boyd Graphics

Go Group

Go Group is a global service provider that manages all aspects of your relocation, wherever you may be moving to in the world. I have been a part of their lovely team for 2 years.

Over these two years I have created a range of animations for their social media.

Jackie Pennick

Jackie Pennick is a cognitive behavioural hypnotherapist who is about to start up her new business. She was unsure on what she wanted her branding to look like but knew she wanted something corporate looking and did not want it to feel “airy fairy or new wave”.

I designed her logo, business and appointment cards, leaflets and website.

FD Platinum

FD Platinum specialises in providing lifestyle solutions to enable our clients to relocate with peace of mind. I have been a part of their lovely team for 2 years. 

Over these two years I have created a range of material including animations, website design and material for to promote their sponsorship of Crystal Palace.