University Projects

Self Branding

I wanted to create a simple and sophisticated with a quirky element to it.

I designed a static logo for print and digital use as well as an animated version of my logo for to use online.

I also designed a letter to send to studios as many of the visiting lecturers mentioned sending something physical is a good way to be remembered. I created an optical illusion for the front of the letter. I achieved this by designing a sleeve that has small slits laser cut into it to reveal the card inside. As you pull out the card different areas of the card are revealed through the slits, thus creating the appearance that the person is waving.

I also created a flip-book version of my business card that I could hand out to studios as it is something a little more quirky and different. The flip-book shows my logo waving like my animated version. This business card shaped book is perfect bound and the top card with my details on is detachable.